Gotta Get Going

Last Autumn I travelled to Iran. I visited Isfahan and decided that it would be good to dig a bit deeper by hiring a guide for the day. He took  me to see… Continue reading

Exploration & Deluded Dominance

Im fascinated by explorers. People who push themselves way beyond what seems possible to discover new landscapes and reach fresh horizons. Sometimes the places they visit are by no means “new territory” but they… Continue reading

Expectant Gaze

At the weekend I flitted Northward to Aberdeen. In the back of my mind I knew a strong solar storm would mean the Aurora Borealis would be visible from the Northern Scottish lands. However for… Continue reading

The Draw Of The Arctic

It is my favourite time of year. Winter! The weather has really started to bite in the last week and dropped to minus temperatures. I love walking down the street with crisp clear… Continue reading


On my honeymoon, nearly 3 years ago, I headed to the far North of Norway and deep into the Arctic. My new wife was exhausted from the buzz of our wedding day and… Continue reading

A Fresh Start

2012 has rolled in. It’s the traditional time to make a fresh start and make the odd resolution. Im cautious about making resolutions. They are so cliched and my experience of previous year’s… Continue reading

2011 Reflections

Zapatista – Subcommandante Marcos

Yesterday I blogged about the Zapatista movement. A key communicator of the rebel movement has been Subcommandante Marcos. An inspirational masked man, whose carefully crafted words have oozed Zapatismo to the world. For… Continue reading

Zapatistas – Ya Basta!

Last year I discovered some amazing coffee. It comes from Chiapas in Mexico and has rebel roots. This was my first encounter with the Zapatista. Even the word sounded intriguing and I wanted… Continue reading

Leeds Summat, West Papua & Freedom

I have found my thoughts drawn more and more to that of indigenous people and their struggle for freedom over the last few weeks. Im going to write a few posts about the different ways… Continue reading