What Becomes Normal

Random post alert! After nearly two months of growing a beard, this weekend I decided to go fuzz free and shave my face! Out of 28 years of my life I have had… Continue reading

Impact Of Migration

I’m fascinated by migration. The desire to move beyond the borders of one defined country and relocate to a new land. Throughout history people have been on the move. The story of Britain… Continue reading

Positive Russian Migration

When I travel I love to find a mountain to climb, mainly to grab some nice photos from the top! In Finland mountains are a bit sparse, but there are plenty of hills.… Continue reading


Im not one for shameless plugs, but the resort where I stayed in Lapland is worth a special mention. Kakslauttanen is a magical place where log cabins are hidden amongst the trees. Kick… Continue reading

The Santa Trail

There are many ancient pathways carved into the earth. Like the frankincense trade route from Yemen or the silk road thru Persia. Well in Finland you cant avoid a modern day tourist trail, not… Continue reading


Travelling thru the Arctic lands you cant help but bump into the Sámi, the only indigenous people group in Europe! I have been fascinated by them and I wanted to learn more on my visit. As… Continue reading

In All It’s Glory!

I have just returned from chasing the Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland. If you have kept track with my blog or spent anytime with me in the last few weeks you may have… Continue reading

Here’s Hoping…

Chasing Not Hunting

Preparing to travel I have a few rituals I undertake beforehand. Like reading up about the culture, cleaning my camera kit etc… They help me prepare to transition from the busyness of life… Continue reading

Running Dry

It is getting towards that time again when Hope Housing, the homeless charity I work for, can see the bottom of the bank balance. It is not the first time we have been… Continue reading