Bristol…an alternative sound

Last week I went to Bristol for a couple of days. It was the city in the UK that I wanted to visit more than anywhere else. I had read much of the… Continue reading

Pondering Zoos

On my recent visit to Münster I went to the zoo. I have only been to a zoo a couple of times in life. Each time I have been impressed by the facilities, the… Continue reading

Münster – A City Of Bikes

Münster, as well as being a beautiful city, is the bicycle capital of Germany. The city centre is covered in bike lanes that allow cyclists to thunder around the city avoiding traffic. I was shocked… Continue reading

Münster…an old city?

The German city of Münster is a beautiful place. Cobbled streets criss cross thru the city. Buildings harp back to days gone by and tourist numbers swell as people come to see a city full of architectural… Continue reading

A Pen Story

Nearly fourteen years ago my school announced that they were having a German exchange trip and they had more pupils visiting than had signed up to host. I asked my parents if we… Continue reading

Rembrandt And The Art Of Light

One of the quieter museums in Amsterdam was the house of the painter Rembrandt. Nestled away from the more crowded areas of the city is was nice to be able walk straight into to the… Continue reading

Slimed In The Dam

I just got back from another trip. The Netherlands was a new country to add to my list and a step closer to visiting 40 countries before I turn 30 next year! My… Continue reading

Bradford’s Odeon

My love for the Bradford Odeon has definitely grown in recent years. I came to Bradford nearly 11 years ago and unfortunately upon my arrival the building was already turning into a shadow of it’s… Continue reading

Many Nations…One City & Water

Yesterday turned into one of my favourite days in Bradford. It was the launch of the new City Park, which has been built over the last few years. The mirror pool feature has… Continue reading

I Love Seasons

The four seasons that come and go each year seem to have a certain character. They definitely have their own smell, look and feel about them. In the UK now Spring is bursting in and… Continue reading