The Dalton Highway – A Dangerous Journey

The Dalton Highway is renowned as being one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Also known as the Ice Road or Haul Road, it features on the “Ice Road Truckers” tv… Continue reading

Aurora Borealis – Like Meeting An Old Friend

Winter time for the last 4 years has always been a special time. The key marker being my wedding day on 14th February 2009 and my honeymoon when I headed North for the… Continue reading

Alaska – A Place To Drop Off The Map

I have just returned from an Alaskan adventure and it’s a mysterious place. In some ways it feels like an American state but there weren’t a few hours that passed before I was reminded by… Continue reading

Dreams – When A Safe Place Is Stolen?

I love to dream. In the land of nod it is a place where the rules can be bent, where imagination can be stretched and insight can be gained. I have spent a… Continue reading

South America…sin cafe!

Im just about recovered from jet lag after being home for two weeks. A three week adventure travelling around South America meant my body had adjusted to timezones south of the planet. A… Continue reading

Rome – Another Migrant Tale

Rome, like so many cities around the world, is the home to many migrants. As a tourist hot spot it is perhaps not surprising that many people migrate to the ancient capital seeking… Continue reading

Napoli…the birth of a pizza snob

Nearly two years ago I sat with my wife on an idillic beach in Belize. It was tourist free, as the main visitors are American and usually drop by in December. The village… Continue reading

Strangely Moved

A week ago I was enjoying the Roman sunshine and walking over a border into a new country. Indeed visiting one city and adding two countries to my growing list of places been.… Continue reading

Couldn’t Give A Flying Flag!

I keep getting asked “what are you doing to celebrate the Queen’s Jubliee?” My answer,  Im going abroad. I am a little bemused by friends and family preparing to hold parties and celebrations… Continue reading

Willing To Be Inconvenienced?

I particularly dislike Tesco. Bristols has had some publicity in the last year over campaigns to stop the chain launching a store in the Stokes Croft area of the city. This, combined with… Continue reading