Saudi – Looking East

So this will be my last post reflecting on my journey through Saudi. The finishing point is shown in the 2 pictures in this post. It’s the Persian Gulf or Arabian Gulf, depending… Continue reading

Saudi – the Contrast of the Road

Coming back from Saudi was definitely hitting the ground running. I was sat one day dreaming of seeing a nation turn, open up and come into it’s destiny… then within 24 hrs Im… Continue reading

Saudi – Freedom To See

This is probably my favourite photo from my time in Saudi. It is in the hills above Mecca. I was amazed that we found such ease to travel round Saudi (though we were… Continue reading

Saudi – Adventures in Tea & Coffee

Over the next week Im going to post some pictures that hopefully will give a flavour of my recent trip to Saudi… The first one is this Tea / Coffee cup. We spent… Continue reading

Saudi Arabia….snow on the ground!!

Saudi beckons tomorrow! Another early morning and another flight to catch. This time though rather than being taken to the Glacier at -10, I will be arriving in the desert at +30! I… Continue reading

Aurora Borealis…a dream fulfilled!

This time last week my dream came true. Clambering down a rock face to the sea in Reykjavik I saw a mysterious green light illuminate the sky. I was amazed and full of… Continue reading

Iceland….zany adventures!

I have just returned from Iceland. It has been my favourite holiday! As we headed out my wife felt like we were going to experience outrageous grace and that’s what happened. It was… Continue reading

Skiing…awakened passion and great memories!

Yesterday me and the missus had a skiing lesson in Sheffield. I loved it! I skied a lot when I was younger. But it is probably about 13 ¬†years since I last went… Continue reading

The Ordinary-ness Of Life…with Hope breaking thru!

Remember the Poor!

I have been enjoying a New Year’s Day walk in Halifax today. It was absolutely freezing and the wind was biting. It made me feel very grateful that I have a warm place… Continue reading