Gazing At The Sun

FishermanI witnessed a magical sunset on the shores of Eastern Turkey. The magnificent sun rolled down in all it’s splendour to end another day. I was not alone staring upon the sunset. People flocked to the harbour to sit by the lapping sea and watch the fiery ball descend into the horizon. I was poised with my camera trying to capture the beauty of this moment. 

The sun has become a faithful friend to my photography. When the shining ball of light appears it tends to illuminate the world in a way that feels vibrant and full of life. However when grey clouds appear in the sky and place a thick covering over the sun’s rays, the same places feel dull and plain. I particularly like it when the sky is lit by the sun until the end of the day and then being able to watch it fall into the horizon is particularly epic. I remember dragging my poor wife to a ginormous bridge in Tromsø on our honeymoon to watch the sunset at about -20. It turns out a full sunset takes longer than you think! And in South America I sat in Argentina watching the sunset behind Paraguay with Brazil just a stones throw away, a special moment.

However my favourite moments provided by the sun have been travelling to the arctic at night, with no sun light in sight but watching the dark sky begin to be illuminated by gases that left the sun a few days earlier and are blasting thru the earth’s atmosphere burning bright as the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. 

In Turkey a group of men, young and old gathered, for a little sunset gazing and fishing in the ocean. They shared some tea and laughs as they fished. I was a little jealous at the their shared experience. I love my own gazing at the Aurora and experimenting with photography. But Im suspect my wife’s patience for night’s at -40 are drawing to an end. The Aurora does not have the same draw for her and I envisage future trips may be solo. I kind of wish that I was part of a group like these fishermen, gazing at the sun (just a little greener) and enjoying the beauty!!

Aurora Borealis