A Bit Too Plush!

SwissotelWhen I travel I enjoy a splurge and being able to savour the good things of life. In order to go travelling several times a year it means that I need to save as much money as possible in between. I do like splashing out on nice food, good wine, fun activities and a nice hotel. However sometimes the 5 star place can sometimes feel a bit too posh. Take my recent trip to Turkey for example…

The travel time Turkey wasn’t too bad, but the change in climate meant I set off in comfortable set of clothes to arrived in a to sticky humid heat, completely different to where I came from. I was quite happy to take a bus to the hotel (not wanting the luxurious limo service that was on offer for a small fortune…or even by private yet, as someone arrived at a place I stayed in Alaska!) But that meant that when I arrived at the hotel I was a sweaty mess. Having dragged my own bags thru the hot Turkish streets, I felt a little out of place next to the very smart hotel staff!

The next morning I tried to make a bit of an effort and went down to the hotel foyer. The man sat in the entrance had an elaborate set of cloths and brushes, as well as a gold plated shoe shine machine. He gestured towards me and then glanced down at my trainers. He conveyed a look of disappointment. His gaze seem to say…”You dont belong here.” Maybe I didn’t. Everyone else wore suits, seemed busy, walked quickly and didn’t look like they were on holiday.

Later in the day I decided to grab a cocktail and glass of wine with my wife at the hotel bar. I realised with the conversion rate that the drinks would be about £15 each! My wife told the waiter to stop pouring the wine he brought, as she had assumed the price meant the whole bottle! Her face was a picture as he tootled off with the bottle and left her with a glass of wine where a sip was about £2! We had a two course meal with a couple of drinks at a restaurant next to the hotel for the same price! Turkey was very reasonable but this hotel was a fortune!

I suspect that 99% of the cliental were there on business and probably never saw a bill or looked at the prices, so it would be of no concern to them.

Don’t get me wrong the hotel was very plush. Great spa and pool facilities. Good food. Friendly staff etc… But I just felt out of place. An upper echelon of business people rushed through the hotel. People for whom money is easy to come by and equally flows out seemingly unnoticed. I don’t live in that world and so it made me feel a little uneasy. Maybe 4 star would suite me better next time..!