Turkish Caffeine

Turkish CoffeeI love Turkish grind coffee. If you have not had it before, it is coffee beans ground much finer than the usual coffee grind. To brew it you put it in a pan with some sugar and cook. Dont let it boil, just allow it to come oh so close to the boil, then get rid of the heat. If you have brewed it right a nice scum comes to the top. The guest of honour gets the scum poured in their cup.

I remember first encountering this type of coffee when I visited a Roma gypsy lady in Bosnia who had been displaced by the war. She was living with her family in a makeshift house, for the last 10 years! She gave me a lesson in making the dark syrupy coffee. I didn’t quite realise that a small cup of the dark sludge was like a shot of rocket fuel. And so I indulged in a second cup and proceeded to have  coffee overdose. I was pushed over the edge for the next few hours.

In my travels I have visited the Middle East and other Balkan countries, all of which claimed the miniature blast of coffee as their own. I have heard it called Arabic coffee, Serbian coffee, Bosnian coffee etc… But really it originates from Turkey. So on my recent relaxed trip to Turkey I planned little activity and lots of Turkish coffee drinking.

In the local bazaar I wandered looking for a Turkish brew and I wasn’t disappointed. I stocked up my suitcase with a kilo of different coffee which will be on ration now until I visit this part of the world again. 

In general I drink non-caffeinated coffee and so a hit of Turkish delight is a blast. It surges thru my veins for two or three hours. But then I need a sleep as my body has a little come down from the high. Exhausted from the caffeine blast. 

If you havent tried Turkish coffee yet, I highly recommend it. The trick is not to drink to the bottom of the cup otherwise you get a mouth full sludge!