A Trip To North Pole

North PoleAbout 1700 miles South of the North Pole lies North Pole! The story I was told was that a not so successful homesteader had taken on the land in the 1950’s in hope of on attracting some gold miners and had called the homestead North Pole. The gold mining never took off but curious tourists kept dropping by and North Pole suddenly emerged as a 365 day Christmas town!

I met someone who lived in North Pole, Alaska and he said that it was Christmas every day in North Pole. Apparently they have a July Christmas and have a BBQ outside and share gifts, as when Christmas comes round in December, being so far North, the sun hardly rises above the horizon and no-one wants to go out in freezing pitch black conditions.

North Pole itself is Santa central. The roads are called things like “St. Nicholas Drive”, “Santa Clause Lane”, “Snowman Lane” etc… And the road lights look like giant candy canes! At Christmas time all of the letters to Santa in the USA get posted here. I drove to the Santa Claus’ house in the town, but apparently Santa only turns up at the weekend during the winter downtime season! So I had to settle with stroking his reindeer and looking at the giant 50ft replica stood in the car park.

It must be a bit surreal living here and Im sure some of the 2200 residents might get a bit annoyed by the constant stream of tourists. But they were fairly friendly to me and quite happy to stamp my postcards with a special Christmas / North Pole stamp….in February!