A Side Order Of Fear To Go With That?

Alternative USA FlagAmerica is great is so many ways. As a Brit it is nice to be able to travel and communicate easily, as picking up foreign languages has never been something I find easy. There are similarities but also some major differences in the USA. Some of the positive ones include…breakfast is a vast array of well thought thru feasts! Free pouring drink spirits! Cheaper fuel!

But something that stood out as bizarre for me was the television advertising.

To start off it seems the focus for having the tv on is space for advertising as there is more time devoted to adverts than to the programmes. In the UK we have some channels with no adverts during programmes at all, so it seems strange to have adverts cutting into shows every few minutes.

The content of the adverts on the US channels I watched was mostly filled with health and medications, often for diseases and conditions I had never heard of! I kept having to Google these tropical diseases and was surprised that enough people could contract these deadly conditions that it would warrant a tv advert about treatments. But clearly the advertisers thought they would make some sales.

The whole style of the medical adverts was hilarious and would never work in the UK. First of all some shiny happy person would pop up and sell the medication. They would tell you they were living well, enjoying life with their family (sunshine every day!) and they did not know “Death” was setting up camp inside their body!! This wonder drug was now solving their problem. Then cut from this advert to strange, fasting speaking voice over which now speaks for the longest part of the advert and lists all the side effects from the drugs. This would usually include the awful realities of what “could” happen, a long list of unbearable side effects including that some people will die from taking this drug! Then cut back to shiny happy man and then the next advert….cut to another medical condition and drugs that might make it better or kill you. It’s a lucky dip to find out which one!!

I found it very strange. Even non-medical adverts had an overriding sense of fear being communicated and if you didn’t buy these products some how life would be more dangerous, broken or just a bit shit without them!

(Warning: thru reading this blog you may damage your eyes by starring at your computer screen, some people have reported symptoms of boredom from reading this blog, others have reported uncontrollable euphoria which may lead to erratic behaviour and in some cases unconfirmed reports have linked reading this blog to untimely death!)