Gazing At The Sun

I witnessed a magical sunset on the shores of Eastern Turkey. The magnificent sun rolled down in all it’s splendour to end another day. I was not alone staring upon the sunset. People flocked to… Continue reading

Ancient Cities Come To Life

It’s always a little strange visiting a place that you have read about many times in ancient books. It has happened to me a few times. Such as a walk through the city… Continue reading

A Bit Too Plush!

When I travel I enjoy a splurge and being able to savour the good things of life. In order to go travelling several times a year it means that I need to save… Continue reading

Turkish Caffeine

I love Turkish grind coffee. If you have not had it before, it is coffee beans ground much finer than the usual coffee grind. To brew it you put it in a pan… Continue reading

Bazaar – An Assault On The Senses

The Kemeralti Bazaar in Izmir is a maze of criss crossed streets covering a few kilometres. The ancient market is lined with traders selling their goods and like many Middle-Eastern markets it seems… Continue reading

40…before I’m 30

I think it was on my honeymoon that I discovered I loved travelling. As a kid I had mostly visited Mallorca with my family and by the time I turned 18 I had… Continue reading

A Walk In The Alaskan Wilderness

As a final post about my travels in Alaska I thought I would tell you about a little walk my wife and I took. It was a walk in snow shoes!  We had… Continue reading

A Trip To North Pole

About 1700 miles South of the North Pole lies North Pole! The story I was told was that a not so successful homesteader had taken on the land in the 1950’s in hope of on… Continue reading

A Side Order Of Fear To Go With That?

America is great is so many ways. As a Brit it is nice to be able to travel and communicate easily, as picking up foreign languages has never been something I find easy.… Continue reading

Alaskan Fire and Ice

It is strange how extreme opposites are some how a good combination. The most relaxing thing I found to do in Alaska, in temperatures that froze my beard in seconds, was wear nothing… Continue reading